PvP (player versus player) is combat involving 1 or more players of a game, fighting 1 or more players of that same game, while on rival factions.

PVP In Mideval WarfareEdit

In mideval warfare, PvP is quite common. It can also be used in order to achieve multiple ranks. A substantail cash reward is given to the player who kills another player. This Cash reward increases or decreases based on your level, compared to the other players level (you get more money the higher level they are in comparison to you).

Factions, Reasoning And RewardsEdit

Many factions will go to war. Also, many will make alliances, even if they often go against the game's lore. often times, other factions will take over the mine, by purchasing the mine gate, which can be taken down by hitting the gate, with a weapon or a pickaxe. The gate can only be opened by players of the faction that built it, and is the only player-bought faction structure, that does not need to be bought by the king. This is removed from the reforged version so far. Sieges of other castles are also quite popular, thoguh not as much as those of the mine. Soldiers cannot break the gates down in the origonal version, but they can in reforged. one common tactic is to let soldiers stack up on each others bodies, until they get over the wall. also, a few sections of certain bases may be climbed up by "parcouring) off of certain blocks. however, this is harder to do with some bases than with others. Factions may go to war for several reasons. Sometimes, the king wants his troops to rank up. other times, one fation may control a key point, such as the mine, or a lake. Sometimes it's because the kings both agree to follow the lore.